Patterson House

If drinks and disguise are your thing, head to Patterson House for a lesson in cocktail couture. The artfully crafted cocktails and scrumptious munchies are worth your wait. This small speakeasy is the epitome of cool. From the unmarked door, the velvet curtain blocking the entry, and drinks with names like “Breaking the Law,” you can’t help but feel a little outlaw.

Corsair Distillery

Three guys walk into a bar…one craving quinoa whiskey, one wanting vanilla vodka, one jonesing for pumpkin spice moonshine. Tall order. Thank goodness they walked into Corsair, an artisan distillery in historic Marathon Village. Amidst the cozy brick interior, they wandered through the tasting room and found their way to the taproom. They enjoyed libations in a courtyard adjacent to the taproom. They even made reservations for a future tour of the distillery. As they exited, they felt as cool and satisfied as the three guys on the Corsair label. Everybody does.


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City House

Nestled in the former studio-residence of a ceramic artist, City House is foremost just that: a sanctuary of alcohol and culinary indulge. The cocktails are named after staff pets, which makes their names as memorable as their flavors. Order a pizza (Neapolitan style with charred crust) and the octopus appetizer. If you’re at the bar, have a view of the cocktail-maestros in action. Sharing is a must here—it’s baked into the home style culture, but you’ll also want to try each unique flavor. Bring adventurous compatriots!

N° 308

What do you want from a neighborhood bar? Swanky cocktails? Cheap beer? A unique ambience? Friendly/sexy/authoritative/capable barkeeps? Tasty eats—both animal and vegetable? Solid happy hour deal lineup? Indoor/outdoor seating? Damn fine music backdrop? Taxidermy? Hemingway quotes? Attractive people? Odd-looking people? Hard-workin’ normals? Black toilets? Booths you can get lost in? Darkness? Farm-implement barstool seats? Seriously, this place has it all. (Except the farm-implement barstool seats. They got rid of those.)