Barista Parlor

So much more than crafted coffee—a welcoming smile, the best (sausage) biscuit in town and the luxury of listening to an entire album on vinyl. Barista Parlor is a Nashville treasure—a place to gather with friends or have quality solo time. Mornings are my favorite here. Warm in the winter, open airy in the summer and, like anything truly great, it never lets you down.


On hot days, the coffee soda at Crema is unbeatable. Come for a late breakfast or early lunch and enjoy a seat on the deck overlooking downtown and the Cumberland River. You might even catch a glimpse (or a whiff) of an in‐house roaster tending to his crop. Be forewarned, don’t ask for the “dark roast.” Crema takes flavor descriptors very seriously. These folks have sensitive palettes and can will enlighten your tastebuds to a new world of java notes.

Refinery Nashville

Refinery Nashville is a coworking and event space in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood south of downtown Nashville. We are a community of small business and entrepreneurs offering workspace and resources to help your business thrive.

A proud sponsor of eat|drink|nash.

Eighth and Roast

From the bowling lane tables to the brew-it-yourself stations, Eighth and Roast is a place where you can get comfortable. But these baristas have always been on the cutting-edge of the coffee bean in Nashville. They were the first shop to serve exclusively pour-over (single cup) coffee. As summer heat waves strike, they deliver kegged iced coffee to select local eateries. Yes, that’s coffee on-tap. Carbonated and even, as rumor has it, nitrogenated. Ball’s in your court, Summer

The Post East

The Post East is where I go to sit on the most beautiful leather sofa in Nashville and sip a delicious, complex cardamom latte. When I’m on the go, I love to grab a Feel the Love juice and a pastry. The juices and smoothies are cold-pressed and organic—the quality comes through in the taste. Don’t discriminate among the pastries, pick the one that looks the best—gluten-free, vegan, traditional—you’ll never know the difference.

Hot & Cold

More than just a place to grab coffee for your placeholders waiting in the epic Sunday brunch line at Fido, Hot & Cold is the testing ground of great ideas for Nashville’s first coffee roasting company, Bongo Java. You’ll find a variety of employee-designed, seasonally-appropriate espresso, tea, and miscellaneous drinks—both hot & cold, as the name implies. Also, a selection of local ice cream by Jeni’s, popsicles by Las Paletas, and chocolate by Olive & Sinclair. A perfect way to start your day or end a date in Hillsboro Village.