Arnold’s Country Kitchen

If you’re from out of town, the concept of a “meat & 3” might sound foreign. Pick your combination of an entree and three sides. The execution is perfected at Arnold’s, which has a rotating lunch menu, Monday–Friday. Don’t be daunted if the line is out the door, Arnold’s is cafeteria style and there’s a unique equilibrium in place—a table will invariably open up at the same time you exit the line with a tray full of southern goodness.

Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish

Located in a Main Street shack, Bolton’s serves up some seriously hot chicken and fish with seriously good flavor. Having been in the same location since roughly the dawn of time, they have amassed a lot of hot chicken knowledge. They offer various levels of spice—should you order the “hot,” make sure to wash your hands before using the restroom. Chicken on a Stick is one of their specialties. Crafting this delicacy requires long hours of precise concentration placing chicken onto sticks. As much as you may wish it were so, this is not a restaurant owned by Michael Bolton, just a neighborhood dive that serves fried chicken hot enough to make you cry.


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Mitchell Delicatessen

On the outskirts of East Nashville, Mitchell Delicatessen sets the bar for Nashville’s sandwich standard. Their use of local ingredients like Benton’s Bacon, Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheeses, and Eastside Brine’s Kimchi ensures a quality sandwich that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you’re in the mood for something hearty like their crispy B.L.T., or something a little lighter like their Turkey Avocado, you can always find an exceptional sandwich well-suited for your taste buds. Grab a craft beer on tap and indulge in one of the best sandwiches in Nashville.

Bro’s Cajun Cuisine

If you’re looking for a “hole in the wall” with a can’t-go-wrong menu, look no further. Nestled up against I-440 on Charlotte Ave just west of downtown, this Food Network-featured feed house boasts some of the best of its kind in town. Darrell Breaux, the restaurant’s namesake, hails from the Louisiana bayou and whips up a myriad of authentic cajun dishes while his wife tends to the customers with southern hospitality. Keep an eye peeled for the painted motor boat out front, and you’ll know you’re in the right spot.

Mas Tacos Por Favor

With delicious Mexican cuisine in such high demand, Mas Tacos has continuously increased their hours to appease fanatics. Compliment your delicious tacos with Watermelon Agua Fresca and Elote Corn, a street cob covered with crumbled cheese and spices. You shouldn’t need advice on the tacos because they are all fresh and scrumptious, but if you do: go for the fried avocado.

Coco’s Italian Market

A West Nashville gem with bocce ball, an authentic Italian-sourced market, and house-made gelato, you are sure to get your fill of authentic Italian fare at Coco’s Italian Market. If you’re in the mood for a true Italian Muffuletta, Coco’s has it; layers of capicola, salami, ham, mortadella, provolone, and olive tapenade. You must try the brick oven pizzas too. The one with meatballs. Browse through imported meats, cheeses, sauces, olive oil, freshly baked bread, and house made pasta. And don’t forget to grab a Cannoli!